Patrolling requires a significant commitment, and is a lot of fun. As a candidate you will go through 5 steps to join the team.
  1. Pass a ski check. Alpine Meadows has some very challenging terrain which you must be able to competently negotiate in a strong stable manner. Before your ski check we recommend you get a few days on your boards. In addition to organized group ski checks, with some prior notice you can stop by the patrol room most weekends and arrange for a ski check that day.
  2. Fill out and submit registration forms and pay annual membership dues.
  3. Complete the National Ski Patrol's "Outdoor Emergency Care" course (only offered during the summer/fall) and CPR for the Professional Rescuer. For a list of available courses, go to:
  4. Attend candidate training sessions at Alpine Meadows two weekends per month.
  5. Pass Alpine Meadows "Basic" OEC and Ski Proficiency test in the spring.
Once you've passed the "Basic" test, maintaining membership requires that you patrol 14 days a year and attend Alpine Meadows refreshers in the fall and winter. All requirements can be met on weekends.